Alice in Wonderland: FAQ

Alice in Wonderland: FAQ

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  1. "What is this movie this whole page is all about? What is Alice in Wonderland?"
  2. "Who makes up the main cast?"
  1. "Who makes up the supporting cast?"
  2. "Who worked in the basic crew positions?"
  3. "How can I see Alice? When did it originally air?"
  4. "How does the movie differ from the book?"
  5. "What are some of the statistics on the movie?"
  6. "What Alice movie merchandise exists?"
  7. "I know I've seen something else much in the style of Alice, but I can't put my finger on what it was. Can you help me?"
  8. "Will we see a Through the Looking Glass?"
  9. "What awards has the movie won/been nominated for?"
  10. "Do you have information on any other Alice movies?"

1: "What is this movie this whole page is all about? What is Alice in Wonderland?"

This page, to be as blunt and straight-forward as possible, is about Alice in Wonderland, the 1999 NBC television event movie (hence the title of the page). On this page, I provide as much information as I know on and about this movie, and anything relating to it. Period. this happens to be a lot, as I've pretty much memorized the movie (see About Me for why) and have looked up extensive information on nearly everything about it, technically and much about it in the media. On this page, along with written information I've included pictures, sounds and movies, a review on the movie by myself, as well as media coverage and reviews (here), the teleplay, and links to elsewhere. Once this site receives some age, it should be especially extensive. Alice in Wonderland is a movie based on the classic stories Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There by Lewis Carroll. More specific information can be found scattered literally everywhere throughout this page. Look around!

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2: "Who makes up the main cast?"

3: "Who makes up the supporting cast?"

Below I have listed the actors and actresses who act in the roles of minor importance, and which role they actually play. I've decided to restricted the mini-biographies to only the major cast. Note that some of the creatures in the movie were animatronic puppets and required more than one person to bring them to life. Information comes from the movie credits and the soundtrack booklet.

Character Played By
The White Rabbit Richard Coombs
Kiran Shah (also voice)
The March Hare Francis Wright
Adrian Getley (also voice)
Robert Tygner
The Dormouse Nigel Plaskitt
David Alan Barclay
The Gryphon Robert Tygner
Adrian Getley
David Alan Barclay
Mr. Dodo Peter Bayliss
Mr. Eaglet Heathcote Williams
Mr. Duck Ken Campbell
Pat the Gardener Jason Byrne
Bill the Assistant/Gardener Paddy Joyce
Ace of Clubs/Chief Executioner Murray Melvin
Mother Janine Eser
Father Jeremy Brudenell
Nanny Mary Healey
Governess Dilys Laye
1st Soldier/Three of Hearts Tim Potter
2nd Soldier/Four of Hearts Angus Barnett
Six of Hearts/Soldier Richard Strange
Eight of Hearts/Soldier Toby Ross-Bryant
Mr. Two/Royal Gardener #1 Johnathan Broadbent
Mr. Five/Royal Gardener #2 Matthew Sim
Mr. Seven/Royal Gardener #3 Christopher Ryan
Frogface Footman/Waiter Peter Eyre
Fishface Footman/Waiter Hugh Lloyd
Red Bishop John Owens
White Castle Christopher Greet
Red Knight (originally unbilled) Gerard Naprous

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4: "Who worked in the basic crew positions?"

Here you are, a chart listing all the people who did major work for the film, as listed in the beginning credits of the film.

Position Accomplished By
Visual Effects Supervisor David Booth
Creature Effects Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Editor Alex Mackie
Music Composer Richard Hartley
Costume Designer Charles Knode
Production Designer Roger Hall
Director of Photography Giles Nuttgens
Line Producer Chris Thompson
Executive Producers Robert Halmi Sr.
Robert Halmi Jr.
Producer Dyson Lovell
Writer Peter Barnes
Director Nick Willing

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5: "How can I see Alice? When did it originally air?"

Alice in Wonderland is available on VHS video and DVD by Artisan and Hallmark, released May 25, 1999 to the public. The VHS is available in a sleeve as well as clamshell casing. The VHS covers are also a bit different from the DVD's design. Right after the initial airing, NBC home video also sold (and currently still sells) Alice from NBC Home Video on VHS in a different, black video sleeve that does not feature closed-captioning when played. It was/is available at NBC's Official Website (see links section) as well as by phone, and shipped with the book from the movie (see question 8 for pics of all) for about $30. Oh, and the movie aired from 8 to 11 PM EST with nearly an extra hour of commercials as NBC's Sunday Night Movie on February 28, 1999. For more, see question 7. For future television airings, the new channel Odyssey owns the rights.

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6: "How does the movie differ from the book?"

What a question. Well, there are quite a few ways, some more important than others. The most obvious is the frame story of Alice's stage fright and the guests at her parents' tea party appear in her dream to encourage her. The looking glass was not in the passage of the little door in the hall, and the hall was not round. Alice was originally a bit younger, but this actually takes a turn for the better. Bill and Pat were animals, Bill a lizard and Pat a guinea pig. The Caterpillar was made Major Caterpillar to account for his short sentences, and originally Alice's neck stretched above the trees after eating the mushroom and she encountered a pigeon. She shrank and grew a few more times (this is of minor importance) to get places. The Caucus Race was orignally on an actual beach, not in a library, and there were more animals involved. The Rabbit's house was not in a pop-up book (but who cares, I personally like it better!). The role of Alice's sister is eliminated from the movie, and the house of cards did not originally crumble on her, but the Queen's soldiers. There was no giant hedge maze to get lost in (but that was cool too, even though borrowed from Disney). Alice didn't travel into giant books or listen to trees (but those too displayed great uses of effects). The glass table in the hall was writen to be three-legged, not four. That's literally almost everything different. If you'd like to add anything, just drop me a line.

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7: "What are some of the statistics on the movie?"

All right, sure. Alice in Wonderland runs two hours and nine minutes and was originally three hours long with commercials. It was at first planned to be a mini-series and was once planned to air May 23rd during May sweeps instead of February sweeps. The budget was a whopping 21 million and received mixed reviews. It was critically acclaimed my almost all, however, for it's dazzling special effects (of which there are more than 800, twice as many as Merlin, which was an hour longer). Ten performances of nine songs are scattered throughout the film, nearly all originally written by Lewis Carroll and taken from his famous books. The story remains faithful through some changes, but none too drastic. It was filmed in England on location beginning August 10, 1998. The picture is nearly flaw-proof; the only mistakes are the position of Alice's hair over and behind her shoulders throughout and some positioning near the beginnning. Aspect ratio was regular television, 1.33 : 1. Alice was probably most acclaimed by TV Guide magazine. The original rating on television was TV-PG: on video it's not rated.

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8: "What Alice movie merchandise exists?"

A couple of things have been released to promote/go along with the release of 1999's Alice. In fact, for a television movie, it may have spawned the most merchandise so far, compared to the very few goodies released with others such as Merlin. To date, this is all the merchandise I know of:

See the Pictures section for pictures of most of these items.

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9: "I know I've seen something else much in the style of Alice, but I can't put my finger on what it was. Can you help me?"

Well, this is quite probable, and it's probably not your imagination thinking things either. In the past few years, Robert Halmi Sr. has released quite a few "event" television specials such as Alice, and most if not all had Hallmark Entertainment tacked on the end as the production company. These recent productions which you've probably been thinking similar to Alice in Wonderland in style include 1998's ever-popular Merlin (which also happens to star Miranda Richardson as Queen Mab and Martin Short as Frick), 1997's The Odyssey starring Vanessa Williams, 1996's smash Gulliver's Travels, and most recently, 1999's May sweep mini-series Cleopatra, just to name a few. You may also be reminded of the awful 1985 mini-series of Lewis Carroll's famous tales (see question 12).

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10: "Will we see a Through the Looking Glass?"

The answer to this is an almost definite "no." Too much of the plot in this story was taped on near the end of the original production, and although many would love to see one, there is no way. The frame story that was added on to Alice also contradicts with the making of a sequel. Maybe they should've included all of the second half and made a mini-series instead of a three-hour event...

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11: "What awards has the movie won/been nominated for?"

As of this writing, this Alice in Wonderland has been nominated for six awards. All of the award nominations are for the Emmy Awards. They are as follows:

The Golden Globes aren't until January of 2000. This fact also applies for many of the less major awards in the fact that they are later on. Stay tuned!

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12: "Do you have information on any other Alice movies?"

Although this page is only fully dedicated to the 1999 production, I do have some information on other Alice films though I'll keep it to a minimum. However, I will not post for the Disney picture; I suggest you visit Lenny DeRooy's Disney page for information on that. ALso note that I've only seen some of these listed, so don't count on completely accurate information.

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E-mail me with comments, questions, and suggestions, or anything you might want to add!

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