Alice in Wonderland: Sounds and Movies

Alice in Wonderland: Sounds and Movies

Below I've listed the links to quite a few sounds and movies from Alice in Wonderland, as well as some sounds of commercials relating to or promoting the film. Even more, I've taken one file from the movie soundtrack. Note that everything below is either in MP3 format or MPG format. Most all computer support MPG, so you needn't worry about that, however, few support MP3 (unless you have the newest Windows Media Player). You can follow the link on the front page to a site which carries many MP3 players, both freeware and shareware. I suggest finding out if your computer can play MP3 before downloading a player. Anyhow, take a look (or listen) and let me know what you think. I plan to make more sounds (I didn't make the MPG's, special thanks to Jeremy), but I'll need your input.


File Name Duration About File
dumdee.mp3 0:09 Tweedledum and Tweedledee on family.
wronger.mp3 0:14 Major Caterpillar rates Alice's performance of "You Are Old Father William."
footman.mp3 0:32 A few words from the philosophical Frogface Footman.
nothanks.mp3 0:09 Alice's response to one of the Queen's comments.
promo.mp3 0:30 Commercial promoting Alicethat aired during the first part of The '60s.
presents.mp3 0:30 "NBC Motion Pictures Presents" short segment just before the first airing.
offer.mp3 0:31 A commercial that aired during the last commercial break during Alice (not credits break) that promoted the NBC Home Video and book set.
willyou.mp3 3:00 The Mock Turtle sings "Will You Won't You Join the Dance" (or "Will You Walk a Little Faster Said a Whiting to a Snail")... and then does Alice at the tea party instaed of "Cherry Ripe."
cherry.mid 2:45 The only non-mp3 sound file here, an MIDI of "Cherry Ripe" (the song Alice was supposed to sing at first).


File Name Duration About File
crying.mpg 1:10 Alice eats the mysterious cake, and grows taller and taller and eventually gets her arms stuck in the vault. The Rabbit isn't much help when she begins to cry.
ravjoke.mpg 0:20 Th Mad Hatter asks Alice a riddle, leading to an argument between he and the March Hare.
mirror.mpg 0:52 Alice unlocks and opens the little door at last, only to find that its passage is a looking glass. That doesn't mean she can't walk through it, however...
alltime.mpg 0:25 After Alice grows large and more threatening, she and the King and Queen argue. 0:21 A non-mpg trailer from Blockbuster for the movie.

There is also a link to another trailer in the links section.

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