Alice in Wonderland: Pictures

Alice in Wonderland: Pictures

All right, you've stumbled onto this web page obviously because you want to see some pictures from the movie. You'll find sixteen of them I've borrowed from the Tina Majorino Picture Gallery (link in the links section). But wait, that's not all! In this section I've also provided pictures and scans from sources than the movie, including merchandise pictures as well as pictures included with articles in magazines on Alice. Take a look, you're bound to find something interesting. To save, click on the picture to bring it up on its own page, then right-click. Click on "Save As."

Pictures From the Movie

Alice has a vision that everything will go wrong when she sings.

This bottle's not marked "poison," so...

How stupid, to leave the key upon the table!

Curiouser and curiouser.

If it makes me grow larger, then I can reach the key... and if it makes me grow smaller I can creep under the door.

One side of the mushroom will make you grow taller, the other side will make you grow shorter.

I'm Alice, if it pleases, Your Majesty.

A difficult time with her "mallet."

Alice walks with the Queen of Hearts.

Alice is startled at the Mock Turtle's mood.

Alice is intrigued by the idea of a Lobster Quadrille.

Escorted into the court, which is a giant house of cards.

Alice, the Duchess, Mr. Duck, Mr. Eaglet, and more at the trial of the Knave of Hearts.

Alice is finally confident enough to perform.

And now our daughter Alice is going to sing for us.

Hey, it didn't turn out to be so bad, after all!

Pictures of Merchandise

The design of the Alice in Wonderland videos, both clamshell and slipsleeve.

The design of the DVD.

The soundtrack of the movie, from Varese Sarabande.

The design of the Alice video cover released from NBC Home Video directly after the U.S. television premiere.

The book that came along with the NBC Home Video copy, or could be bought separately in stores. It features pictures from the movie inside.

Audiocassette reading of the two famous stories by Linda Hamilton, with the movie's design.


Tina Majorino is Alice: from the TV Guide article.

A picture of Martin Short as the Mad Hatter from the article in TV Guide.

A media picture from the movie.

Another media photo from the film.

A media image of the Mad Hatter.

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