Alice in Wonderland: The 1999 NBC Television Event

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...the 1999 NBC television event movie.

Obviously you're here because you'd like to know about the latest film version of Alice in Wonderland. Here is the only page I know of for the movie (and it's AOL-friendly too), starring the talented teenage actress Tina Majorino. For more information on her, I advise you look into the Links section. She can also be e-mailed at Explore the site thoroughly to get the most out of it. Here I have extensive information on the movie, including photos, products, sounds, video clips, teleplay, a more or less complete FAQ, and more. Different things will constantly be coming in. Enjoy!

Updated July 27th, 1999: A second update, and now everything is up! There's Update History (from the first update), In the Media with TV Guide and more, About Me, Interview with Tina Majorino(!), FAQ with awards info, and new Pictures. Check it all out! Soon, I'll have a lot more info.

Coming soon: Sounds of actors'/crew members' thoughts on the production, and more articles and reviews for the film.

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